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Shawna M. Harrison

Publisher, Speaker, Educator

& Author of Three Books.

My True Soul, Let the Truth Be Told, and Confessions all three are memoirs written from her past.

A native of Nashville Tn. Ms. Harrison's writes about the childhood troubles that eventually led to drug dealing, violent relationships, a six month stint in federal prison, and a life of cutting her body through self mutilation. "The author holds nothing back in her graphic depictions of her tragic roller coaster ride. The memoir proves to be a compelling page-turner that you just can’t put down. It's a lot like watching a train wreck, except that it ends on an optimistic note," writes syndicated columnist and AOL Black Voices reviewer Kam Williams in his column that appears in over 200 publications.

Today, Shawna has proven that she's not only a survivor but also an inspiration. After 15 years of living a lesbian lifestyle, Shawna is now choosing to have Jesus Christ at the forefront of everything she does in life.

She's no longer involved in drugs and her previous illicit lifestyle, and says that she's now living a chaste life until marriage when her future “Mr. Right" comes along. The numerous scars that cover her arms from the years of mutilating her body have long since healed and so has Shawna. She has overcome her past and is now a born again Christian; a thriving entrepreneur and a sought after motivational speaker. Her current tome offers hope and encouragement to others who may have suffered some of the tragedies she's experienced during her traumatic formative years.

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